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Sept. 26, 2019

11 a.m. PT

Past Webinars

How to Communicate with you Coaches About Recruiting

  • What questions to ask your coach about recruiting 
  • Action steps to help your coach find the right place for you
  • How to prepare for playing at the next level

This webinar covers the following:

How to Create a Winning Recruiting Strategy

  • Refining your college program choices  
  • Learning about and choosing the right recruiting path
  • Setting a plan of action

This webinar covers the following:

The Parents Guide to Recruiting

  • The first steps of formulating a plan as a family
  • Meeting with your athletes coaches and what should be discussed
  • The best ways to support your athlete and their coaches in the recruiting process.

This webinar covers the following:

Is the D1 Life Right for Me?

  • Interview FieldLevel team member and former D1 athlete, Taylor Grigsby
  • Taylor’s recruiting story and life as a D1 athlete
  • Advice for parents and athletes

This webinar covers the following:

Understanding the Recruiting Calendar

  • The purpose of the recruiting calendar
  • What each period of the recruiting calendar means
  • Changes based on levels of competition and sport

This webinar covers the following:

A 10+ year High School football coach in Los Angeles who has been part of 2 championship programs. Jason has coached 50+ college and pro level athletes and is a USA Football Master Trainer.

Jason French

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